Needs analysis and business small talk

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 11

Job/ Duties/ Present projects







Use of English at work (present/ past/ future)







Use of English/ Studying English outside work (present/ past/ future)







(Non-work related) personal information*









* Possible topics for the last box

Hobbies/ food and drink/ free time/ sports/ transport and travel/ accommodation/ home town

Suggested questions

Match these questions to the boxes on the last page:

  1. What do you usually do at the weekend?/ How was you weekend?/ Where are you from?/ Do you live near here?/ Have you been to any foreign countries?
  2. Do you use English at work?/ Have you ever used English at work?/ Will you use English more in the future?
  3. Have you studied English before?/ Would you like to study abroad?/ Do you do any other English study now?
  4. What do you do?/ What’s your job?/ What do you do in your job?/ What are you working on (at the moment)?

Discussion questions

What topics and questions from above are good for small talk in business situations?

What questions could you ask and what could you talk about in these situations?

–          The golf range

–          A stadium

–          A bar

–          A restaurant

What places are best for corporate entertaining?

What are your own experiences of corporate entertainment?


PDF version for easy printing: Needs analysis and business small talk

100 pages of other small talk activities and 200 pages on other social English materials here:

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