Food Vocabulary Comparatives and Superlatives

Headway Pre-Intermediate Units 1 to 5

Which is the flattest;

a casserole, a saucepan or a frying pan?

Which is the softest;

lettuce, cabbage or cauliflower?

Which is smellier;

onion or garlic?

Which is the fattiest;

lamb, chicken or beef?

Which are the juiciest:

grapes, cherries or raspberries?

Which is the ________;

________, _______ or _________?

Which is ___________;

___________ or __________?

Name something that is:

bigger than a pea but smaller than a strawberry.

juicier than an apple but less juicy than a peach.

sweeter than a lemon but more sour than an apple

harder than but softer than

________________ than _______________ but __________________than ___________________


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Food Comparatives7

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