Money discussion questions articles practice

Fill the gaps below with a, an, the or ——– (zero article), then choose questions to discuss with your partner

 How much money do you think you will spend over ___________ weekend?

 What is _____________ shortest of cash you have ever been?

 Do you think _______________ rich should pay more taxes?

 What things are _____________ license to print money in your country?

 If you had _____________money to burn, what would you do with it?

 Have you ever been ripped off?

 Do you think selling ___________ second hand car for more than it is worth is ripping someone off?

 Have you ever paid through ____________ nose for something that you saw much cheaper elsewhere later on?

 What things are you happy to pay __________ top dollar for?

 Do you feel sorry for people who live from _________ hand to ____________ mouth in your country? What do you think should be done about it?

 How could you keep the wolves from the door if you were unemployed and couldn’t find ______________ job?

 What would make you give your husband or a wife ____________ blank cheque to go shopping?

 Do you save your money for ____________ rainy day?

 What is the most you have ever spent on _______________ gift? What was it? Who did you give it to? What was the occasion?

 Do you save up for things that cost ___________ lot of money, or do you just buy it on _________ credit?

 Which supermarket is _________ cheapest in your city? What makes you think that it is cheaper than the others?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Money discussion questions articles practice

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