Feelings vocabulary games, worksheets, flashcards, stories and songs

Language of emotions pdfs, games, songs, stories and other activities. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching feelings vocabulary articles (with feelings vocabulary game ideas)

How to teach the language of feelings – LINK UPDATED

Fun activities for feelings – LINK UPDATED

Lists of feelings vocabulary

Lists of feelings words that can be drawn and mimed, feelings idioms, extreme feelings adjectives etc (spread through this article) – LINK UPDATED

List of feelings opposites (near the end of this article) – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable feelings vocabulary classroom activities

Making sounds to represent feelings games (with gradable and extreme adjectives)

Feelings drawing games (with a/ an practice)

Fear vocabulary and discussion

Feelings and objects pick and draw drawing game

Feelings drawing and miming games

Feelings and Present Continuous memory games

Feelings and want pelmanism card game

ed and ing adjectives drawing games(almost all feelings and linking it well to a grammar point)

I Don’t Feel Bored – ed and ing adjectives story (all feelings)

ed and ing adjectives discuss and agree (all feelings)

jobs and -ed and -ing adjectives pelmanism (almost all feelings)

hobbies and -ed and -ing adjectives pelmanism (almost all feelings)

Feelings and want guessing game

Feelings and want reverse pelmanism

Feelings opposites ask and tell coin game

Zero conditional feelings personalised guessing game (with useful feelings vocabulary)

Expressions associated with particular feelings

Feelings past continuous guessing

Pick numbers shapes feelings and parts of your face to make crazy pictures

Feelings and amusement park vocabulary project

Mind the Baby Mr Bean feelings worksheet

Food and feelings spelling snake

Feelings personalisation practice

Feelings and animals pictionary

Food and feelings spelling code game

Basic nouns and adjectives pictionary (including feelings)

Incredible English 2 revision by numbers (including feelings)

Units 6 and 7 definitions game (including feelings)

Units 6 and 7 rotating board game (including feelings)

Feelings vocabulary songs

If You’re Happy and You Know It on Super Simple Songs (good easy song with actions)

The Feelings Song from KidsTV123 (a bit complicated to sing, but good visuals and kind of makes a story)

How are you? feelings song from Dream English (a bit slow and boring, but having actual ASL as the gestures is an interesting idea)

Feelings songs for kids ideas on PreSchool Express (mostly too high level, but including the interesting idea of five letter feelings to the tune of BINGO)

Feelings vocabulary flashcards

26 feelings flashcards

It makes me feel… flashcards

Feelings flashcards on LearnEnglishKids

Feelings vocabulary stories

I Don’t Feel Bored – ed and ing adjectives story (all feelings)

Me Myself from Apricot Books (highly recommended)

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gradable and extreme adjectives page

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Updated 19 September 2022

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