Reporting verbs guessing and story telling

Landmark Advanced Unit 4.3

Part A- Guessing game

Describe something that someone said to you and see if your partner can guess where it was said and/ or who you were speaking to

Suggested places

  1. In the street
  2. A supermarket
  3. A market
  4. A department store
  5. A convenience store/ corner shop
  6. A club
  7. A bar/ A pub
  8. A fast food restaurant
  9. A posh restaurant
  10. A cinema (= movie theater)
  11. A theatre
  12. A hospital or surgery
  13. At home
  14. In or near someone else’s house
  15. On the phone
  16. By email
  17. By text (= SMS)
  18. On your blog/ Facebook page
  19. A bus, coach or train
  20. A spa or sauna
  21. A taxi
  22. A spa, public baths or sauna
  23. A swimming pool or gym
  24. A train station or underground station
  25. A library or bookshop
  26. A stadium or other sporting venue
  27. A museum or art gallery
  28. A concert or music venue

What verbs could you use to report speech?

Check your answers on the next page:

Part B- Storytelling

state admit acknowledge point out
explain concede confess declare
spell out observe suggest accuse
apologize ask claim congratulate
deny insist maintain promise
tell advise demand forbid
object predict propose recommend
refuse request warn reply
thank invite introduce


suggest complain compliment ask for permission
encourage offer say goodbye greet

Use the verbs above to tell an imaginary story about John and Jane (obviously a story with lots of dialogue!) 

What things might they actually have said to express the functions in bold above?


PDF for easy saving and printing: ReportingVerbsGame

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3 Responses to Reporting verbs guessing and story telling

  1. Chakib says:

    Really interesting.

  2. Lourdes says:

    Practical and easy production activity for large classes like mine. Thanks

  3. alexcase says:

    I mainly have quite small classes, so good to hear they work with large classes too, thanks!

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