Agree using the hedging language

Agree on sentences using the hedging/ generalising phrases

Choose one of the phrases below and try to find a sentence that you can both agree really matches that expression. The sentences can’t just about the people in your group or about people you know who other people in the class won’t be aware of such as your family, but should instead be wider generalisations about people, places, things, etc.

1. a considerable/ substantial amount/ number

2. a considerable/ substantial minority/ percentage/ proportion

3. a couple of

4. a good amount/ number

5. a great amount/ number

6. a notable exception is…

7. a small fraction/ percentage/ proportion

8. a small amount/ number

9. a tiny minority

10. a tiny amount/ number

11. a vast amount/ number

12. a very large amount/ number

13. a very large proportion

14. a very limited amount/ number

15. absolutely all

16. almost certainly

17. almost everywhere

18. almost/ nearly/ practically/ virtually all

19. almost certainly

20. Although it’s often the case that…

21. apart from

22. but there are obvious exceptions such as…

23. by no means all

24. complete consensus

25. conclusively proven

26. confidently predict

27. convincing argument

28. could possibly

29. could potentially

30. demonstrably false

31. except for

32. fairly common

33. fairly often

34. hardly ever

35. has been established

36. If we ignore… (for a moment),…

37. in general

38. in very many places

39. It’s impossible to be precise, but…

40. just over

41. leading authorities

42. nearly everyone

43. not so much

44. nowhere near all

45. oversimplification

46. quite a lot

47. really must

48. tend to

49. the odds are

50. The stereotype… has quite a lot of truth in it.

51. the vast majority

52. there is a great chance

53. there is next to no chance

54. there is very little chance

55. unconvincing claim

56. unjustified assumption

57. very few

58. very many

59. very probably

60. very rarely

61. We can safely assume…

62. well-documented

63. While it’s generally true that…,…

64. under some/ special circumstances

65. certainly/ definitely not

66. expert opinion suggests

67. There is not yet definitive proof of…


 PDF version for easy saving and printing: Agree on hedging sentences

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