Present Continuous games, worksheets, stories, video activities and songs

Updated 12 March 2017

This page is for the things in progress now/ at the moment/ currently meaning of Present Continuous. For the future arrangements meaning see here.

Articles with Present Continuous games

35 fun classroom practice activities for Present Continuous

15 games for the Present Continuous (mainly for the present meaning) – LINK UPDATED

Index pages in this section

Present Continuous songs page

Present Continuous video activities/ worksheets page

Present Continuous miming worksheets (including a section on the similar activity of making noises, and miming for contrasting both present tenses)

Other photocopiable Present Continuous classroom activities

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing dice game

Actions in different places Present Continuous guessing game

Clothes and Present Continuous drawing game

Food present continuous pictionary

Present Continuous accusations (for young learners, but adaptable for adults)

Good boy/ Naughty boy projects (for young learners)

Trying to get through (put the telephone conversations where someone is trying desperately to talk to someone in order, then do the same thing in pairs)

Present Continuous and special occasions phrases (guessing what is happening when you hear “Bon voyage etc, so great for adding some functional language to this grammar)

Spelling code game (general worksheet, useful for doubling of letters – or not – in ing forms, plus maybe contractions of be)

Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous guessing game (to practise the rarely pointed out similarities between those two tenses)

Present Continuous stories

One Moment around the world (on LearnEnglishKids)

Other relevant pages

Present Simple and Continuous page (for contrasting the two tenses and using them together)

Business present tenses page (some specific to Present Continuous)


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