Present Continuous and special occasions phrases

What is happening while these phrases are being said? They are mostly related to “special occasions” (the topic of this unit).

“(I hope you) get well soon/ get better soon/ feel better soon.”

“Bon voyage.”


“Congratulations!”/ “Well done!”

“Good luck!”

“Happy New Year!!”

“It’s lovely, thank you very much.”

“Make a wish.”

“Take care.”

“Thanks for coming.”

“Thanks for your hospitality.”

“That’s a shame.”/ “That’s a pity.”

Match those to the situations below.

People are leaving someone’s party.

Someone is blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

Someone is going home after a party.

Someone is going on a journey.

Someone is hearing bad news.

Someone is hearing good news.

Someone is looking at a present.

Someone is taking a test.

Someone is visiting someone else in hospital.

The clock is striking twelve.

They are drinking./ They are toasting.

They are waving goodbye.

How often do you do or say the things above?

When is the next time the things above are likely to happen? (Give your answers in full sentences).

Which of the sentences above might actually be about the future? How can you tell if Present Continuous sentences are about the future or present?

Which of those two times are the following Present Continuous sentences likely to be about?

I’m flying to Australia

I’m standing on the platform

I’m meeting him at his office

What times might be in each of the sentences above?


PDF version for easy printing: Present Continuous special occasions

2 Responses to Present Continuous and special occasions phrases

  1. Septi says:

    your blog is very helpful for teachers to make creative and communicative teaching activities.
    I’d like to say thank you very much for your helpful teaching activities provided in this blog

  2. alexcase says:

    You are very welcome. Spread the word!

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