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Updated 28 November 2019


Combining Xmas with a young learners’ syllabus

How to teach possessive adjectives

How to teach like and would like

Fun practice for the Simple Past

Teaching there is there are to young learners articles

How to teach There is/ There are

15 fun activities for there is/are/was/were

Teaching this that these those to young learners articles

How to teach this/ that/ these/ those 

7 this/ that/ these/ those games

Teaching can/ can’t to young learners articles

TPR games for I can…/ I can’t…

Other fun activities for can/ can’t

The most useful can/ can’t for ability activities

How to teach can/ can’t for ability

Teaching prepositions of position to young learners articles

Craft activities for prepositions of position

How to teach prepositions of position to kids

Realia and flashcard activities for prepositions of position

TPR activities for prepositions of position

Video tasks for prepositions of position

Fun activities for prepositions of time

Teaching a/ an and the to young learners articles

Physical games to practise a/ an

Classroom practice of a/ an 

How to teach a/ an

15 fun activities for the articles a, an and the

Teaching present tenses to young learners articles

Teaching It is…/ They are…

36 fun classroom activities for Present Simple and Present Continuous

35 fun classroom activities for Present Continuous

56 fun classroom activities for the Present Simple

Guessing games for third person S

Adverbs of frequency games

More adverbs of frequency games

15 fun games for the Present Continuous

15 fun activities for Present Simple/ Present Continuous

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