Animals and body possessive s pictionary advanced version

Choose one of the cards below and draw it until your partner says and/ or writes the thing written on the card. 


A hen’s tail



A fox’s nose


A dog’s ear



Butterflies’ bodies


A camel’s neck



Frogs’ feet


A horse’s mane (= hair)



Some monkeys’ tails


Polar bears’ noses



Snakes’ teeth


A tortoise’s toes



A whale’s mouth


A koala’s nose



A gorilla’s forehead


Giraffes’ necks



Iguanas’ eyes


An iguana’s toes



Goats’ horns


Hippos’ legs



A pig’s nose


A sheep’s wool



Sharks’ fins


A wolf’s teeth



Lions’ tails


Pigs’ tails



Penguins’ feet


A koala’s ears



Falcons’ beaks




A falcon’s toes



A butterfly’s wings


A rabbit’s front teeth



A frog’s eyes


Frogs’ toes



PDF for easy saving and printing: Possessive s animal and body pictionary advanced

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