Your week Prepositions

Try to make true sentences about your partner’s week (a usual week, last week or next week) using the phrases below:

In a drawer/ filing cabinet

In your office

In an open plan office

In the CEO’s office

On the wall

On foot

Working on…

Spend money on…

At your desk

At lunchtime

At 8 o’clock in the morning

At 5 o’clock in the evening

On the phone

On the internet

On buses

In agreement with

In taxis

In meetings

At the weekend

At a conference

At the start of your working day

At the end of the week

In the middle of the weekend

In the morning/ afternoon/ evening

In a café

At night

At a station

At the airport

On the way to work

On Monday morning

On Friday evening

In the corridor

In the cafeteria

In the smoking area

On time

On paper

On the way from work

In two weeks

In writing

In your desk

In your department/ section

By email

By (cycle/ motorbike) courier

By fax

On budget

On your desk

On your floor

Have lunch with…

Socialise with…

Spend time with…

Useful language

I think/ guess/ am sure (that) you…

That’s right/ true


From memory or your language knowledge, identify the missing prepositions in each section.

_________ a drawer/ a filing cabinet/ your office/ an open plan office/ the CEO’s office

__________ the wall/ foot/ Working _________…/ spend money ______…

________ your desk/ lunchtime/ 8 o’clock in the morning/ 5 o’clock in the evening

______ the phone/ the internet/ buses

_______ agreement with/ taxis/ meetings

_____ the weekend/ a conference/ the start of your working day/ the end of the week

______ the middle of the weekend/ the morning/ the afternoon/ the evening/ a café

________ night/ a station/ the airport

_______ the way to work/ Monday morning/ Friday evening

_______ the corridor/ the cafeteria/ the smoking area

______time/ paper/ the way from work

______ two weeks/ writing/ your desk/ your department/ your section

______ email/ (cycle/ motorbike) courier/ fax

______ budget/ your desk/ your floor

Spend time/ Socialise/ Have lunch ______…


PDF version for easy printing: YourWeekPrepositions

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