IELTS Speaking on shopping and materialism

Focus on IELTS New Edition Unit 7

IELTS Speaking Part Three questions

  • How important is money, do you think?
  • Are people becoming more materialistic, in your opinion?
  • What are the biggest reasons for people buying things they can’t afford or don’t need?
  • How can people cut down on over-spending?

IELTS Speaking Part Two questions on shopping and materialism 


Describe something that you spend money on.


You should say:

       How much you spend on it

       Why you spend that much money on it

       How that compares to other things


And whether you are happy with the money you spend on that thing or not, and why




Describe your biggest recent purchase.


Things to include in your answer:

       Why you bought it

       Where you bought it

       How it compares to similar things


And say how you feel about that purchase now and why.



You are going to read a text on a related theme. What do you think they might say about each of these topics? 

  • The future of marketing
  • Effective sales techniques for the retail industry
  • Credit card debt and how to avoid it
  • How to reduce our spending

You are going to try and decide as quickly as possible which of the four titles above best summarises a text. What is the best way of reading for that purpose?


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking materialism money

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