Medical and pharmaceutical English games/ worksheets

News lessons

Scientific proof of alternative medicine

Body image problems for men (my version of a Guardian news lesson)

Denial of treatment for smokers and the obese (ditto)

My lesson plans with worksheets

Medical numbers trivia (on Onestopenglish, so paid subscription needed)

The roots of medical English

Medical pronunciation worksheets

Technical and medical a and u pairwork (just polished up)

Medical English difficult sounds pairwork

and see below for Simple Past pron

Medical worksheets including grammar

Technical and medical Simple Past pronunciation

Medical moral dilemmas for second conditional

Passive tenses medical breakthrough dominoes

Medical English articles definitions game

Medical vocabulary Relative clauses definitions game (for use with IELTS Graduation, but last page useable without the book)

Other medical worksheets

Medical English mimes

Health problems mimes

Medical jokes

Medical problems and symptoms guessing

Medicine discussion questions

The history of medical English

Analysing medical vocabulary

Food and health discussion

Dieting discussion questions

Online practice

Medical English for doctors and patients (29 useful but rather boring online quizzes, actually also covering stuff for neither doctors nor patients, including language for dentists, about biotechnology, etc) (Listening, with some available without registering)

Other other people’s stuff

CUP English for medicine resources

English for nurses and medical professionals (basic lists and quizzes from

A long list of Medical English links (mostly for language learners, but some originally for native speakers)

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