Do It Yourself Mr Bean (Infinitives of purpose)

Part One- ‘Happy New Year’

Try to match the things he does and the reason he does them, then watch and check.

1. He puts some balloons on the door…

2. He puts some music on…

3. The hats have letters on them…

4. He shakes hands..

5. He cuts up a tree and puts it on a plate…

6. He puts some sugar in some vinegar..

7. He steals his neighbour’s birdfeeder…

8. His guest changes the time on the clock to midnight…

9. He holds hands with his guests…

10. He turns off the light…

11. He takes out another clock…

a) say ‘hello’.

b) represent people’s names.

c) eat the peanuts inside.

d) ..for people to eat.

e) replace the wine.

f) go to sleep.

g) end the party early.

h) sing a traditional song.

i) check the time.

j) celebrate New Year.

k) dance to.

Part Two- ‘The Sales/ Painting the Living Room’

Try to match the things he does and the reason he does them and then write possible reasons for the ones that don’t match

1. He drives onto the pavement….

2. People are queuing outside the shop..

3. He buys some paint..

4. Mr Bean drives into the back of a lorry..

5. Mr Bean draws on the wall with a pencil..

6. He cuts his telephone line..

7. He puts his teddy bear into the paint..

8. He covers everything with newspaper..

9. He puts a big firework in the paint..

a) he can stop.

b) paint his room quicker.

c) use it as a paintbrush.

Watch and check.


PDF version for easy printing:   Do It Yourself Mr Bean infinitives of purpose

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7 Responses to Do It Yourself Mr Bean (Infinitives of purpose)

  1. Rebecca Davison says:

    Where is the video?

  2. alexcase says:

    I just Googled it and the YouTube video came up as the second result.

  3. Nawal says:

    I like the activity, but I would like to ask you some questions: did this activity work to teach students infinitive of purpose? how can you ensure that?

  4. alexcase says:

    It depends what you mean by “work”. There’s no presentation stage in it, so you need to add that before or after (both work), but it certainly helps students understand and use the form. Here’s one more for the same point:

  5. Nawal says:

    Thanks for your reply
    I have another question; since it is matching, how can that help students to use the form, i mean to actually produce the form not only matching?

  6. alexcase says:

    I haven’t used this for years, but the instructions seem to suggest that the non-matching ones allow more creativity from the students by allowing them to write their own. The Wallace and Gromit one I linked to has more of that, as far as I remember.

  7. rsoule says:

    This is brilliant!

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