Academic writing games/ worksheets

Ideas for how to put more fun and communication into Academic Writing classes. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 28 August 2018

Article on teaching Academic Writing

First lessons for Academic Writing classes

Index pages in this section

Emails to academic staff worksheets

Functional language for academic writing page

Quoting sources longer phrases game

Hedging and quoting sources

University applications worksheets page

Related index pages

EAP first lessons page

Academic Word List (AWL) games/ worksheets page

IELTS Academic Writing worksheets

English for Academic Purposes main page

Trends page

Photocopiable Academic Writing classroom activities

Academic writing prepositions and determiners error correction – NEW

Academic writing pairwork error correction

Academic writing cultural differences and useful phrases

Academic English countable and uncountable nouns review

Can you make the academic sentences passive?

Personal information in academic writing

How British is your academic English? extended version (UK and USA differences)

Compare the useful words to talk about academic writing (advice, common confusions, and the language of comparing)

Academic Writing tips generalising practice

Good academic writing brainstorming and tips (including useful language for discussing academic writing)

Give each other feedback on your academic writing

Use the Academic Word List vocabulary to make academic writing tips

Punctuation in academic writing (including defining your terms)

Academic Writing end of term test

The stages of academic writing

Typical words in academic writing tasks The same or different

Academic Writing first lesson

How British is your Academic English? (British and American EAP differences)

Academic Writing tips and useful phrases

Academic writing prepositions and articles Pairwork

Hedging/ generalising academic speaking and writing practice

Classifying and ranking academic phrases

Longer academic phrases card game

Academic English The same or different (for common confusions and ways of not repeating)

1 Response to Academic writing games/ worksheets

  1. Excellent ideas and resources, a godsend to those teaching academic writing for the first time! Thank you!

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