Travel dominoes Answer key

1. a tourist visa

2. an aisle seat

3. the weight limit

4. oversized luggage

5. the final call

6. any dangerous objects

7. the in-flight movie

8. the metal detector

9. your oxygen mask

10. the x-ray machine

11. the cabin crew

12. duty free goods

13. your life jacket

14. a vegetarian meal

15. your boarding pass

16. the expiry date

17. an air pocket

18. the check-in desk

19. any carry-on luggage

20. the overhead lockers

21. your reading light

22. the terminal building

23. the emergency exits

24. an immigration form

25. the conveyor belt

26. a baggage cart

27. your seat number

28. the departure lounge

29. passport control

30. baggage claim


PDF version for easy printing:AirTravelDominoesAnswers

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