English for landscape architects and gardeners games/ worksheets

Gardening English PDFs. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Articles on English for gardens

EFL lessons on gardens/ gardening – LINK UPDATED

EFL lessons on the topic of parks – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable English for gardening classroom activities

Public spaces vocabulary and speaking

Parks vocabulary and speaking (choose from 11 pages!)

Gardens vocabulary and speaking (10 pages!)

Garden vocabulary lists

22 garden objects with pictures (on ESOLcourses.com)

129 technical terms for landscape architects with German translations (on Quizlet)

20 gardening terms with definitions and a text combining them

Other EFL gardening materials

Gardens on Mars news lessons (on Breaking News English)

Gardening discussion questions (on ESLdiscussions.com)

In the Garden worksheet (labelling colour pictures, on ISLcollective)

Gardening tools worksheet (on englishwsheets.com)

ESL gardening lesson (very simple text with pictures, no actual task and not PDF)

Related pages

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Passives page

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Updated 27 August 2022

5 Responses to English for landscape architects and gardeners games/ worksheets

  1. Sofia says:

    Thank you so so much for all these materials, truly a lifesaver for an english teacher!

  2. Michał says:

    Thanks very much. Saved my life :)

  3. alexcase says:

    You are very welcome. Spread the word!

  4. seshilli says:

    is it possible to have the links for the “Articles on English for gardens” links updated? It keeps says the page isn’t found :(

  5. alexcase says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Seems they have moved all the articles on Englishclub.com, so I’ll have about 150 other links to fix…

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