FCE Speaking Part Three controlling the conversation games

Instructions for the teacher or student with the teacher’s role

Your job is to help the two people who are speaking divide up the three minutes (= 180 seconds) that they have to leave at least 40 seconds for the second part of the task (“Then decide…”), and to spend an equal amount of time on each of the pictures in the first part of the task. Together decide on an amount of time for each picture in the first part of the task plus the time to make the decision, e.g. for six pictures it could be 20 seconds per picture plus a minute to make their decision.  

Start timing when they start speaking about the first picture they pick, then hold up the cards given and/ or shout out the instructions written on the card to try to control their conversation.

When you finish, discuss if there could have been a better way to divide up the time, then try again with a different person in the group monitoring.


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4



Picture 5



Picture 6



Picture 7



Picture 8



Picture 9


Picture 10



Second part of the task



Come to decision




Do something similar, but this time using the phrases given to help them move quickly through the task. You shouldn’t take part in the conversation.


Shall we start with…?

Let’s move onto…

Shall we go onto…?

How about…?

What do you think about…?

We obviously won’t agree, so…

We obviously agree, so…

We seem to agree on that, so…

We’re running out of time, so…

We also need to talk about…

Is that agreed?


Which one should we discuss next?

Shall we rush through…?

I don’t think we have time to…, so…

I think we’re ready to decide.

I guess we’ve finished (…) then.

I think we can eliminate/ ignore…

If not that one, how do you feel about…?

So, we’ve decided on…

I think that means we agree on…

Do the same, but this time with the phrases in the middle of the table and the people taking part in the task trying to use them.


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Part Three controlling the conversation games

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