Lucy Was Not Impressed months story

Lucy was not impressed

A story teaching months of the year by Alex Case

Harry spent a whole year trying to impress Lucy.

In January he made a snowman as tall as his house.

In February he made 123 homemade chocolates.

In March he dyed his whole skin green from head to toe.

In April he laid a mat in every puddle between her house and the school.

In May he danced so quickly round the May pole that he tied everyone else in knots.

In June he studied so hard that he was the last person to leave the library every evening and he didn’t eat dinner until 12 o’clock.

In July he finished every exam in 15 minutes and then took a nap on his desk.

In August he made such a big sandcastle that they needed a bulldozer to knock it down.

In September he came to school an hour early to help the new kids find their way and cross the road.

In October he grew a one metre wide pumpkin, put it on his head, and collected two bags full of sweets as he went trick and treating at every house in town.

In November he made a guy for the bonfire that was so realistic that someone thought it was a dead body and called the police.

In December he put so up so many decorations that pilots flew over his house to show the passengers his lights.


Lucy was not impressed.

In January she made the cutest little snowman and showed the photo to all her friends.

In February she said she was on a diet and only had strawberries on Valentine’s Day.

In March she wore pink, just like every other day.

In April she wore her new rubber boots and splashed in the every puddle on the way to school.

In May she won a huge teddy in the raffle and then just sat hugging it all day.

By June she had learnt everything that they had studied and so just practised for her ballet exam.

In July she poked Harry with her ruler to stop him snoring.

In August she put on her mask and snorkel and spent the whole day looking underwater.

In September she arrived at the last second when everyone else was already in school.

In October she hid under the sheets and pretended not to be home all Halloween.

In November she found hedgehogs under the wood and leaves and so wouldn’t let her family light the bonfire.

In December she passed his house on the way home from school, looked that way for just one second, and seemed to give a little smile.

So next year, Harry’s New Year’s resolution is to try even harder. In January,…


Possible activities after reading

  • Discuss which things are and aren’t common in your country and suggest other things Harry could do every month
  • Write a similar story or the second part of this story
  • Draw pictures for this story


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Lucy was not impressed months story