Arrangements, plans and predictions

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 5

Part One- Tense review


Say one thing about your past, present or future without using a full sentence, e.g. “Do taekwondo” and your partner will try to guess which time you are talking about. When they have guessed correctly, they will try to make a true sentence in the right tense, e.g. “You often do taekwondo”,  “You used to do taekwondo when you were a kid” or “You’d like to start doing taekwondo”. If they can’t guess, tell them the true sentence, then switch roles.

Possible topics

Travel, holidays and living abroad                       Work

Meetings, appointments and dates                                Weekends

Studying, exams and qualifications                    Foreign languages

Free time                                                                         Food and drink

Shopping and other purchases                          Technology

Special occasions, e.g. celebrations and festivals

Hometown                                                                        Accommodation

Family and friends

Part Two- Future tense presentation

Your teacher will tell you about three future changes or events in their life. Try to put each one in the correct tense (three different tenses are used). Why are different tenses used each time? What do the three different tenses mean, and when are they used?

Part Three- Future tense practice

Play the same game with different kinds of future events. Say one thing about your future without using a full sentence, e.g. “Get my hair cut”. Your partner will try to guess if that is an arrangement (e.g. you have an appointment), a plan (= you have decided to do it) or just a prediction (= your picture or imagination of the future). When they have guessed correctly, they will try to make a true sentence in the right tense, e.g. “You are getting your hair cut some time this week”.

Part Four- Discussion questions

Ask and answer questions about your future work and studies in pairs

Ask your partner future questions about some of the topics below and then comment on what they say or ask them follow up questions

World economy                                                    Economy of your country

Where you live                                                     English tests

English level                                              Next public holiday

Days off                                                                Holiday

The environment                                                  Politics

The near future                                                     Five years’ time

The distant future                                      Retirement

This evening                                              The weekend

Savings and investments                         Promotion

Purchases                                                            Volunteering

Sports, clubs and hobbies                       Skills and qualifications

Continue, but asking questions about different topics

Part Five- Have you got what it takes?

Remembering your partner’s answers from Part Four above, discuss which of you is more ambitious, more motivated, a better planner and more organised.


Has your partner got what it takes to be a success in their future studies and/ or career, e.g. do they have the right personality, skills and attitude?


Part Six- Questionnaire


You are going to answer questions to see “Have you got what it takes?” (New Cutting Edge Intermediate pg 48-49) You and your partner will be given different questions. First answer the questions you have for yourself, then your partner will ask you the questions they have. You can then add up the scores from the two sets of questions to see your assessments.


When you have seen the assessment, discuss if you agree and whether it matches what you talked about in Part Five above


PDF version for easy printing: ArrangementsPlansPredictions

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