Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Units 1 to 7 Vocab Revision Truth or Dare


HQ/ headquarters/ head office


Responsible (for)/ responsibility


An advertisement/ advert/ ad/ commercial


Sophisticated/ sophistication



Adapt/ Adaptable





Reliable/ reliability/ to rely (on)



Bankrupt/ bankruptcy






Insist/ insistent





Accommodation/ accommodate



Hot spring (resort)



Priority/ prioritize


Impressed/ impress/ impression


Disappointed/ disappointing/ disappoint


Satisfied/ satisfaction


Compete/ competing/ competition/ competitive



Parent company



A share/ shareholder






Achieve/ achievements



Secure/ security



Fail/ Failure






Space/ spacious



Participate/ participant


Recommend/ recommendation



Suit/ suitable





Redundancy/ redundant/ downsize


Tippex/ whiteout/ liquid paper


(Give someone the) sack



Incompetent/ incompetence



(staff) morale



Renovate/ renovation



Argue/ argument



Chairman/ Chair






Overseas/ abroad


Enthusiasm/ enthusiastic


Vary/ variation/ varied/ variety



Complain/ complaint



Promote/ promotion









Flexible/ flexibility/ flex


Motivate/ motivation/ motivated/ demotivated



Pay rise





Solicitor/ lawyer/ attorney/ barrister





Job security


Attract/ attraction/ attractive



Attend/ attendance



Open-plan (offices)



Resign/ resignation



(the) bill/ (the) check


Access/ accessible/ accessibility



HR/ human resources


Forecast/ forecasting/ predict/ prediction



Earn/ earnings



Restructuring/ restructure


Founder/ founded/ founding


Entrepreneur/ entrepreneurial



Trend/ trendy


Investor/ invest/ investment


Produce/ product/ productivity/ productive





Absent/ absence/ absenteeism


Executive/ execute/ execution


Forbid/ forbidden/ ban


 Teacher’s instructions/ rules of the game Photocopy and cut up one set of cards per 3 or 4 students. One student takes a card and makes any question they like, e.g. “How much do you earn?”. They then toss a coin and then must either answer the question themselves (tails) or can ask the question to someone else (heads)


PDF for easy saving and printing- Market Leader Pre Vocab Revision truth or dare

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