Formal and informal emails reversi memory game


 With reference to your letter of 3rd July
 Thanks for your letter last week
 I hope you and your family are well
 How’re you all doing?
 I apologise for the delay in replying to your email
 Sorry it took me so long to get back to you
 I look forward to hearing from you soon
 Write soon!
 I regret to inform you that I am flying abroad at that time
 Sorry but I’ll be on a plane
 I would like to introduce myself. My name is Susan Saarland and I will be studying with you.
 Hi, I’m your new classmate Sue
 I hope we have the chance to meet again soon
 Don’t be a stranger!
 How about meeting up on Monday?
 I will be able to meet on Monday next week if that is convenient with you
 Send my love to John
 Please give my regards to Mr Smith


PDF for easy saving and printing – FormalInformalEmailsReversi

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