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Presentations e-book

Teaching Presentation Skills: Interactive Classroom Activities (over 300 pages of photocopiable materials on every stage of preparing, practising and giving feedback on business and academic presentations, including nearly 200 pages on starting and ending presentations)

Starting and ending presentations articles

How to make a personal connection in presentations

How to deal with difficult questions in a presentation

Photocopiable starting presentations classroom activities

Starting presentations politeness competition game

Starting presentations tips and useful phrases

Surveying the audience

Rhetorical questions in presentations

Connecting with the audience

Introducing yourself in presentations

Planning and stating the aim of a presentation

Formality in starting presentations card game

Photocopiable ending presentations classroom activities

Photocopiable Q&A sessions classroom activities

Q&A session roleplays

Dealing with questions in presentations politeness competition game

Dealing with questions and problems in presentations

Other ending presentations materials

Ending presentations politeness competition game

Formality in ending presentations card game

Photocopiable starting and ending presentations classroom materials

Opening and closing presentations

Starting and ending formal and informal presentations

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