Past Simple games, worksheets, stories, poems and songs

About 42 Simple Past PDFs and teaching ideas. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 8 June 2022

Teaching Past Simple articles

How to teach Past Simple – LINK UPDATED

15 Simple Past games

The four Past Simple blocks games in the 14th section of this article

Photocopiable Past Simple classroom activities

Good and taboo Past Simple questions

How many did…? trivia quiz irregular Past Simple practice

Irregular Past Simple dice game

Past Simple Make Me Say Yes personalised speaking game

Past Simple business monologues

Past Simple small talk questions

Simple Past sentence completion guessing games

Regular Simple Past pronunciation and storytelling

Irregular Simple Past pronunciation and storytelling

Guess the past time game (with lots of useful time expressions)

Simple Past T/ F lying game

How was your weekend? roleplays

How was your weekend brainstorming

Your weekend formal and informal questions

Common verbs in Business English simple past pronunciation

Business Simple Past pron

Helping people Past Simple bluffing game

Technical/ Medical Regular Simple Past pronunciation

Past Simple poems

Lost (linking and past tense pron poem, on Hancock McDonald ELT)

Past Simple songs

Nightmare Hotel (past tense pron song/ rhyme, on Hancock McDonald ELT)

Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra/ Cher (with lots of irregular Past Simple and some negatives – link to the lyrics)

Past Simple stories

Fortunately by Remy Charlip (with nice short sentences, so easy to focus on the verbs)

Related pages

How questions page (including lots of “How was…?”)

Present Perfect and Past Simple page (for contrasting the two tenses)

Past tenses main page (including activities for all three narrative tenses)

3 Responses to Past Simple games, worksheets, stories, poems and songs

  1. Jessica Mann says:

    Excellent website and resources. Thank you to Alex Case and colleagues.

  2. Tuba says:

    Amazing sources, thank you very much!!

  3. Preet Garcha says:

    Thank you very much, this site has helped me a lot with my lessons.

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