Reporting verbs games/ worksheets

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Updated 8 June 2022

Teaching reporting verbs article

How to teach reporting verbs – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable reporting verbs classroom activities

Verb patterns with reporting verbs activities (pelmanism, snap and storytelling)

Prepositions with reporting verbs activities (pelmanism, snap and storytelling)

Reporting verbs the same or different

Reporting verbs sentence completion games (bluffing, guessing and things in common)

Reporting verbs for writing business minutes

Reporting verbs in formal business English

Reporting verbs guessing game and storytelling

What people say at important events  (with reporting verbs and names of festivals and celebrations)

Other worksheets including reporting verbs

Reported speech the same or different (mostly reporting verbs)

Functional language reported speech storytelling game (mostly reporting verbs)

Special occasions reported speech cultural differences (good for practising verbs like “congratulate”)

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