Your beliefs about communication

Market Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition Unit 1

How can you learn to become a better communicator?

Do you think the following statements are true or false?

• Good communicators in their own language are usually good communicators in other languages too

• Body language, gestures and facial expressions are more important than the words you use

• Most gestures are the same in every country

• It’s always important to keep eye contact while

• Using too many gestures to communicate in another language makes communicating too easy and so stops your speech developing

• Good communication cannot be taught

• You can learn to interpret people’s body language

• I would notice if someone was mirroring (copying people’s body language to make them feel sympathetic to you) and feel uncomfortable

• Being a good listener is more important than being a fluent speaker

• You can learn to be a good listener

Compare answers with your partner, and say why you have that opinion

Are there any points you would like to discuss as a class, for example ones you still aren’t sure about?

What are the most important things about being a good communicator?


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Your beliefs about communication

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