New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 Vocabulary for storytelling

ake turns using words from below to continue a story. You can start in any way you like. Cross off each word as you use it.

neighbour                                          the board                                          meet up with         

full name                             round here                                         colleague             

originally                             a relative                             stomach

aunt                                                  a flat                                                 gorgeous

incredible                                          poor thing                                          gran

these days                                        fantastic                              flirt

weird                                                 hideous                                             scruffy/ casual                    

architecture                                       crazy about                                       niece

anyway                                             look after                             hang out (with)

au pair                                              terrible                                              pretty busy

nearby                                              unfriendly                                          SMS/ a text

come round (and see me/ you)            far too…                                           brainy

the travel industry                 set up                                               pleased

straightaway                                      guess                                               Sydney

twin                                                  send them my love               take care

drop someone a line                           keep in touch                                     flu

petrol                                                aspirin

washing machine                 so far

at the moment                                   smart

stepmother                                        daughter-in-law

the vast majority                  average

regularly                              exhausted

ready meals/ microwave meals/ TV dinners

PS                                                    participate in

Swedes                                             Finns

chat                                                  How are things?

a shame                              best friend

casual clothes                                   extended family

not bad                                             pensioner

accurate                              impressed

give someone a lift               summer job

pay attention                                     schoolyard

cry                                                    frightened

exercise book                                    neat and tidy

studious                              don’t mind…

get the blame                                    slot machine

fairground                                          marble

remind                                              appointment

learn by heart                                    upset

recognise                                          poem

plot                                                   classmate

walk around                                       stand in line

barman                                             bump into

tracksuit                              primary school

bully                                                 beat someone up

threaten                              enthusiastic

embarrassing                                     pocket money

furious                                               terrified

arrest someone                                  abroad

gig                                                    make an effort

bore someone                                    interested in

struggle with                                      focus on

memorable                                        pat

unfit                                                  mental arithmetic

oxygen                                              heart rate

puzzle                                               lean (meat)


PDF version for easy printing: Cutting Edge Int Mod 1 and 2 storytelling vocabulary

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