FCE Speaking Parts 1 and 4 speculating practice

First Certificate Speaking Parts One and Four to practice speculating

FCE Result Unit 8

Make sure you use speculating language such as modals of possibility/ probability when you answer the questions.

Student A


  1. In New York they recently tried to make a new law limiting the size of sugary drinks? What effect could such a law have?
  2. What kind of breakfast is most popular in your country?
  3. Why do people buy packaged meat and vegetables?
  4. Why isn’t organic food more popular?
  5. Food allergies are more and more common. Why do you think that might be so?

Other subjects

  1. Are you optimistic about the long-term future of this city?
  2. How do your family feel about your choice of job?
  3. What are your family doing now?
  4. What kinds of jobs do people in your hometown do?
  5. What will your next big purchase be?
  6. When will you next use English outside the classroom?
  7. Why do people choose the area where you live now?


Student B


  1. Is banning advertising of fast foods something that could have much effect?
  2. Organic foods are obviously good for the environment, but do they also make much difference to our health?
  3. What kinds of food do people your age in your country usually cook?
  4. Why do convenience stores not sell healthier food?

Other subjects

  1. Is there any chance that robots could do almost all jobs in the future?
  2. What is likely to be the next big change in your life?
  3. What kinds of people would the area where you live be most and least suitable for?
  4. What technology is likely to become more popular in the future?
  5. What would foreign tourists most enjoy in your hometown?
  6. When might you next go abroad?
  7. Why do you think people are interested in the private lives of celebrities? 

Make more questions for your partner from the underlined parts above. You may also be able to use bits of the questions above which are not underlined.


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE speaking Parts One and Four speculating practice

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