Emailing Informal or error?

Without looking below, listen to your teacher and rush to indicate if each phrase is informal or wrong.

Underline the one wrong sentence in each of the lines below (all the others are informal). They are arranged so that the sentences would have similar meanings if they were both correct.

 Hi John/ To John

 Hey John/ Dear Mr John

 Dear you all/ Hi everyone

 Wow, that was quick!/ Thanks for your quick replying.

 How are your wife and kids going? / How are things?/ How’s it going?/ How’s life?

 This is just a quick note to say…/ I write to you about…

 I’d like to ask a favour/ I like to ask a favour

 Tomorrow is fine. See you later. / Tomorrow’s fine. CU then.

 I need some advice./ Can you give me some advices?

 You’re a star! / You’re being a great help.

 I owe you one./ Cheers very much.

 Have look at this!/ Check this out!

 I’ll pop the package in the post for you in a bit./ The package is already on my way.

 Give me a bell later if you like./ Call to me anytime.

 Hope that’s okay./ Does that sounds alright?

 Looking forward to seeing you./ I look forward to see you.

 If you need any more questions, let me know./ Please get back to me anytime if you need any more info.

 Send love to John./ Say hi to John from me.

 Bye now./ Speak to you later on.

 Yours, Tanaka/ All the best, Tomoko

 From, Alex/ Best wishes, Alex

Correct the wrong sentences.

Make the informal sentences more formal.

Compete to make typical formal emailing sentences as informal as possible without making any mistakes.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Emailing informal or error new version

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