There is/ There are + Xmas vocab drawing games

There is/ are with Xmas vocabulary drawing games

with time expressions practice

Wow 2 Units 9 to 16

Game 1

Ask Yes/ No questions until your partner says “Yes, there is/ are”, then draw that thing.

Game 2

Flip a coin each time your partner asks a Yes/ No question until you get heads, then your partner draws that thing.

Game 3

Before you ask a question, flip a coin to see if you should make a question with “Are there…?” (heads) or “Is there…?” (tails).

Game 4

Make a sentence of what you want your partner to draw.

Game 5

Make a sentence of what you want to be drawn, the flip a coin to see if you will draw it (heads) or your partner will draw it (tails).

Game 6

Before you make a sentence of what should be drawn, flip a coin to decide if it will be with “There are…” (heads) or “There is…” (tails).

Game 7

Choose one place from this list and work together to describe and draw it:

1. living room                                              2. dining room

3. kitchen                                                                   4. outside the house (sky, etc)

5. garden                                                                   6. roof

Game 8

Choose one time from this list and work together to describe and draw a possible scene:

1. Christmas Eve                                   2. 2 A.M. on Christmas Day     

3. 7:30 A.M. on Christmas Day                4. 1 P.M. on Christmas Day

5. 3 P.M. on Christmas Day              6. Boxing Day

Game 9

Use a dice to decide which time above to draw each time.

Table version

There is There are
Is there
Are there
a an one
two three some many
a lot of
Christmas cake baby
big present
black boot
candy cane
chicken decoration
glass of champagne glass of soda hamburger happy boy
party hat penguin present reindeer reindeer
roast potato scarf
sleeping grandma sleigh snowball snowflake
toy car
toy plane turkey vegetable wrapping paper wreath
on behind in front of
Santa the Christmas tree the adults
the children
the chimney
the dining room the fireplace
the garden
the girls
the house
the living room the presents the reindeer the roof
the sky the sleigh
the snowman the stockings the wrapping paper

Suggested combinations

Living room

presents under the Christmas tree

presents in the children’s hands

presents in the stockings

a fire in the fireplace

some happy children

lots of wrapping paper

a man in a red and white suit

two black boots in the fireplace

a star on the Christmas tree

some stockings

a carrot on the table

some Christmas cards

some lights on the Christmas tree

presents with ribbons

big presents

many presents

a sleeping grandmother

a cat

a doll

a toy car

candy canes

Dining room

a chicken/ a turkey

many potatoes

hungry people

some vegetables

a Christmas cake

party hats


some crabs

many people

a baby

a pie

some noodles

some hamburgers

some glasses of soda

some glasses of champagne

some bottles

a fish

Outside the house

some reindeer

a sleigh

a chimney

some snow

some snowflakes

some snowballs

some buttons on the snowman

a hat on the snowman

a scarf on the snowman

some presents

a bird

some cold people

a penguin

a kite

some holly leaves



a wreath


PDF for easy saving and printing:

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