Edward Scissorhands vocabulary and reference expressions

A: Make sure you understand all the sentences below, especially the words and expressions in italics- they are all said during the film. Look up any words you don’t know in the dictionary.

B: As you listen to the film, write down what the words in bold type mean.
 eg. He lives alone. He = who?

An inventor lived in that mansion.

I’m as harmless as cherry pie.

Did she say anything about having a guest?

He looked kind of pale.

He’s a bowling champion.

I don’t think he’s been off the grounds before today.

I want to consult the big Avon handbook before doing anything.

I bet they’re razor sharp.

Can I bring him to Show and Tell on Monday?

They filled the whole tape.

We don’t want him rusting up on us now, do we?

It’s not heaven he’s from, it’s straight from the stinking flames of hell.

She’s just an old loony, that’s all.

They develop these gland things, their bodies swell up, they go crazy.

I think they look weird.

He’s so cheap, he won’t even help me pay for an old car.

You’ll appreciate it more.

That was the single most thrilling experience of my whole life.

Have you ever thought of having corrective surgery?

Knock it off.

I’d give my left nut to see that again.

Along here, some new mirrors.

You’re trembling. So am I.

With your talent, it’s gonna be a snap!

Don’t you want us to have our own van?

My father would prosecute.

This is your last warning, drop your weapons.

If you fail to do so, we’ll have to open fire.

And you’re in a serious heap of that.

It could keep me up all night, worrying about you.

I saw the sign of Satan on him.

Of course we’re having it this year, we have it every year.

My old man thinks he’s retarded, otherwise he’d still be in jail.

You turn it into the police.

It’s just  a scratch, Jim, it’s OK.


He isn’t even human.

Just get out of here.

All that blood, sweety, and it’s just a little cut.

Calm down, we’ll handle it.

I really didn’t think things through.

I feel like I’m gonna pass out, or puke or something.

Let’s not bother him, let’s just leave him alone.


PDF version for easy printing: EDWARD SCISSORHANDS

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