Respond to the expressions with the word “life”

New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Module 2

How would you react to these stories?

• “My ex-wife is living a life of luxury on all the money I have to send her every month.”

• “My boss keeps asking questions about my private life.”

• “I went on a fishing trip in a speed boat but there weren’t enough life jackets for all of us and I had to go without.”

• “I love my new job. I’m having the time of my life!”

• “The crash was an accident, but if the judge doesn’t agree with me I could get a life sentence.”

• “The only job I could get for the summer is as a lifeguard on the beach.”

• “I’ve been offered a job in Saudi Arabia. It’s the chance of a lifetime!”

• “One of the people in my team is making my life very difficult. I think he wants me to leave so he can take my job.”

• “I don’t have any social life at all.”

• “I met Tom Cruise at a party on Saturday night. He’s even shorter in real life.”

• “My mother-in-law had her dog stuffed after it died and put it in her living room. It’s really lifelike.”

• “My wife left me because I’m getting too old.” “That’s life.”

Ask about anything above which you don’t understand.

Without looking above, try to do the exercise on page 26.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Respond to expressions with the word life New Cutting Edge Upper Module 2

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