Complaints case study

You are the senior management of a software company. You will be having a meeting to decide on new guidelines for how your call centre staff should deal with complaints from customers.

Role cards

 You work in the legal department. You think the most important thing is that the call centre staff don’t say anything that could be taken as accepting responsibility.
 You are from the accounts department. You think the most important thing is to deal with calls as quickly as possible so that the number of call centre staff can be cut to cut down on costs.
 You are from the sales department. You think that call centre staff should use all calls as a chance to sell upgrades to the software.
 You are the manager of the customer service department. You think that the most important thing is for the staff to be polite.
 You work in the R&D department. You think that complaints from customers should be used as an opportunity to get as much information as possible on what is going wrong with the software.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Complaints case study

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