Describing objects 20 questions and extended speaking

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 8

Choose one thing that you used last weekend and answer yes/ no questions about it until your partner guesses what it is:

Is it made from paper/ cardboard/ plastic/ metal/ fabric/ wood/ glass/ leather/…?

Is it square/ rectangular/ round (= circular)/ triangular/ oblong (= oval = egg-shaped)/ sharp/ fragile (= easy to break)/ …?

Is it big/ small/ heavy/ light/ dangerous/ expensive/ cheap/ noisy/ smelly/ long/ portable/ shiny?

Does it use petrol/ electricity/ gas/ water/ …?

Does it give off (= produce) heat/ light/ colours/ noise/ fumes?

Are there some/ many in your house/ this room/ this building?

Has it got a handle/ a lid/ buttons/ a screen/ batteries/ a motor/ cables/ pipes?

Is it used for…?

Do you use it to…?

Do you use it often/ very often/ every day/ several times a day/ in the morning?

Do you use it in the bath/ the kitchen/ your workplace?

Can you buy it in a department store/ convenience store/ stationery shop/ electronics shop/ street market…?

Is it a kind of furniture/ white good/ consumer electronics/ cutlery/ crockery/ machine/ gadget?

Do you need to recharge/ shake/ wash/ polish/ refill it?

Is it dark brown/ navy blue/ pastel yellow/ bright orange?

Extended speaking- A thing that is important to me

Listen to your partner give a presentation on one thing that is important to them. Don’t interrupt or ask questions until you are sure that they have finished, then ask about any of the topics below that they haven’t talked about.

 What it looks like- colour, size, shape etc

 What it sounds like

 What it smells like

 What it can be used for

 What you usually use it for

 Its good points

 Its bad points

 Why it is important to you

 Why you chose this thing to speak about

 How you got it

 Where it is/ where you keep it

 How it compares to similar things

 Strongest memories associated with it

 How long you’ve had it

 How long you think you will continue to use it

 Things it is similar to

Together, try to decide on the greatest invention of the last 100 years. Present your ideas to the class. Defend your invention against the negative things the other groups say and then vote at the end on which is the greatest (you can’t vote for your own idea).

What are the negative points of modern technology?


PDF for easy saving and printing: DescribingObjects

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  1. Albert says:

    thanks it is very useful for teaching english; keep posting more things.

  2. Suhana says:

    This information is very useful, helped a lot with my English project!

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