British and American English games, worksheets, lists and articles

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British and American English lists

The big list of British and American vocab differences by topic (on food, travel, places, people, law and order, education, medicine, STEM subjects, business, sports and games, multi-word verbs, idioms, office vocab, the arts and media, nature, and politics)

100 words and expressions with different meanings in British and American English

100 different British and American expressions (about halfway down this article)

British and American English articles and blog posts

UK and US English articles and blog posts page

Photocopiable British and American English classroom activities

British English in IELTS Listening pairwork (in this new e-book) – NEW

US, UK or wrong in IELTS Listening (in this bargain e-book) – NEW

British and American household vocabulary quiz checking/ clarifying practice

British or American transport trivia quiz (British and American English and transport vocabulary)

British or American trivia quiz (US and UK vocabulary and cultural knowledge)

British or American food and drink trivia quiz (British and American food vocabulary)

British or American fashion trivia quiz (British and American clothes vocabulary)

Different meanings in British and American English jigsaw game

How British is your technical English?

British and American engineering vocabulary games (including miming, drawing, jigsaw, reversi, and dominoes, plus collocations practice)

How British is your academic English? extended version

How British is your English? (with different relative pronouns for defining relative clauses)

How British is your Financial English? (ditto)

How British is your Academic English?

Giving directions in British and American English

Relative clauses Slang Call My Bluff (also including Australian English)

Updated 26 February 2023

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