Nights out and in requests and offers

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 7

Imagine you are having a night out and say typical requests in that situation until your partner guesses which one you chose

Possible things to do at night

Korean barbeque restaurant


English or Irish-style pub

Izakaya (= Japanese-style pub)

Italian restaurant

Buffet-style restaurant


Laser Quest

Barbeque (in a park, in someone’s garden, on the beach or by the river)

House party

Dinner party

Drinking in a park or by a river side

Late night shopping

Late night museum openings


Latin dance

Family restaurant


Bar hopping


Theatre (e.g. musicals)

Concert (e.g. rock concert)

Classical music (e.g. opera)

Dance (e.g. ballet)

Street festival

Drinking in the street

Drinking outside a shop

Jazz club

Strip club

Poker night

Video night


Watch a match round someone’s house

Going to a stadium to watch a night game

Romantic night out

Romantic night in

Strolling around the city square, along the seafront or along the river

Watching fireworks or a son-et-lumiere or laser show

River cruise/ Dinner cruise

Night market

The races

Comedy club

Match the phrases below to the nights out above

“Can I borrow your binoculars?”

“Can I have a fresh plate?”

“Can you turn the echo down?”

“Could I have a little more black pepper?”

“Can I have the darts, please?”

“Can I try on a bigger pair of shoes?”

“Can I search your bag?”

“Can I see the drinks menu?”

Choose one of the situations above and compete to brainstorm more and more requests that people might make at that place

Now imagine that you are going to arrange one of the things above for your colleagues or classmates and take turns volunteering to help, e.g. “I’ll bring some deckchairs” for watching fireworks.

Which of the things above do you think the following offers come from?

“I’ll bring a bottle of wine”

“I’ll bring potato salad”

“I’ll put our name on the list to play pool”

“I’ll stack the balls”

“I’ll pay this time”

“I’ll get this round”

“I’ll bring it to your table”

Would any of those things be different in your country?

How else do you think nights out and nights in vary from place to place?


PDF version for easy printing: Nights out requests and offers

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