FCE Use of English Part One speculating practice

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Use of English Part One multiple choice cloze for the language of speculating

Choose the one correct option for each of the gaps below.

It ___________________________________________ be a good idea, but I doubt it.

– must/ probably/ possible/ could


It ________________________ must be our train next, we’ve been waiting for hours!

– very/ really/ possibly/ greatly


It’s _____________________________________________________ going to happen.

– definitely/ sure/ hardly/ well


There’s a fifty percent _________________________________ of rain in the afternoon.

– gamble/ chance/ odds/ bet


The ________________________________ are that he will be struck by nerves again.

– possibility/ probability/ chance/ odds


There’s a _______________________________________________ possibility of rain.

– slight/ medium/ middle/ wide


There probability of an economic recovery in the next six months is _______________.

– low/ little/ much/ long


I _____________________________________ predict that China’s growth will plateau.

– surely/ confidently/ highly/ largely


I ________________________ expect him to throw my present away as soon as I leave.

– fully/ wholly/ largely/ greatly


He’s not a genius, but he’ll ____________________ certainly be better than my last boss.

– nearly/ really/ almost/ completely


It might ______________________________________________________ break down.

– well/ maybe/ certainly/ have


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Use of English Part One speculating practice

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