Body language and gestures games/ worksheets

PDFs and teaching tips on gestures, personal space, facial expressions, etc. If you find anything you like here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

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Body language and gestures lists page

120 body language and gestures in TEFL links (including articles, worksheets, etc)

TPR in adult classes blog post

Body vocabulary page

Cultural training main page

Articles on body language and gestures

British and American body language and gestures

80 British gestures

British body language

Rude gestures in the UK

Photocopiable body language and gestures classroom activities

Gestures and phrases for presentations (in this very cheap e-book

Presentation delivery roleplays and discussion (with lots on good and bad use of the body, in this really reasonable e-book

Good and bad business body language roleplays game

Guess the meaning of the British body language and gestures 

Gestures and social language review

International gestures Present Simple and Continuous

Universal gestures functional language review

International gestures for business and academic presentations and much improved Version 2

Job applications Body language and personality (no mention of cultural differences but always comes up in my experience)

Classroom language mimes game (ditto – this time for teacher training)

Body language gestures identify the country

Body language differences pairwork

Gestures that vary by country miming

Updated 7 August 2022

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  1. koalisabear says:

    Many thanks, great ideas!

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