Bad business meetings advice

Choose one of the problems below and ask the other students’ advice. Politely respond to each suggestion and choose the best one.

Meetings in my company go on much longer than they should

Everyone is always really sleepy in meetings after lunch

Twice last week someone spilled their coffee in a meeting and wasted lots of time clearing it up

One person in my section always dominates in meetings even when he doesn’t know anything about the topic we are talking about

My boss schedules so many meetings that we can never get any work done

One or two people in my team are too shy to speak out in meetings

Some people are always late for meetings

All our meetings take longer than they should because they are always held in English and one person does not speak English very well

In marketing meetings everyone speaks at the same time and doesn’t listen to anyone else

The marketing manager and the finance manager hate each other and every board meeting turns into an argument between them

People spend too long chatting at the beginning of meetings

We usually waste the first ten minutes of a meeting deciding who will take the minutes and who will be the chair

My boss is terrible with technical things and we almost always have to sort out a problem with his equipment in the middle of the meeting

The discussion of the first point always goes on too long, so we have to rush through the other points on the agenda if we want to finish on time

One person in my department has such bad presentation skills that people fall asleep when he is presenting

One of the directors speaks so quietly during meetings that people can hardly hear her.

The Head of R and D almost always forgets an important document he needs to refer to during the meeting and we all have to wait while someone goes and gets it.

The air conditioning in the conference room is very loud, so it is difficult to hear the people who are speaking

The meeting room has a view onto a busy street and people keep on looking out of the window instead of listening to the perso


PDF for easy saving and printing: bad business meetings advice

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