Going to Guess the action

Everybody Up 4 Units 6 to 8

Explain when you and other people are probably going to do the action that you pick until the people who are listening guess the sentence.

fly a kite


wear sunscreen


see a show


ride a horse


swim in the ocean


stay in a hotel


live in space


become a scientist


use a computer


become an astronaut




take a picture


be noisy


ice skate






explore the jungle


travel the world


play music


become a journalist


make art




take a taxi


take the subway


take a gondola


take a ferry


go to a department store


go shopping


visit my grandmother


stay in a hotel


go to New York


go to the library


go to a museum


take a bus


act in a play


climb a mountain


ride a camel


give someone a card


play basketball


go on vacation


wear a swimsuit


read a magazine


use a towel


sleep in a tent


spend money


use a flashlight


sleep in a sleeping bag



PDF for easy saving and printing: Going to Guess the action Everybody Up 4

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