Can/ Can’t Text jigsaw

Challenges 1 Module 1 Unit 1 No Limits

Teacher’s instructions: Photocopy, cut up and shuffle one set of the cards below per group of two to four students. Tell them that there are four different texts and that they should divide them up and then put them into order. They can then check their answers in the book or with a copy of the whole text below.

Tom Davies is from Bradford in the

UK. He is a teenager with memory problems but he can act and he can

learn his part. He is in a theatre group.

Donna Santos can’t walk but she can direct films.

Her films are about the problems of disabled people.

Wei Fong is from Hong Kong. He can’t use his

arms but he can paint. How can he do this?

He can draw and paint with his toes and his mouth.

Jimmy Chavez is from California. He can’t see but he can play five

musical instruments. Can he sing?

Yes, he can! He’s a fantastic singer.

His jazz concerts are very popular.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Challenges 1 Module 1 U1 No limits text jigsaw

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