Prepositions and pronouns drawing game

Instructions for teachers

Before you prepare the cards, you need to choose

  • If you want to use the cards with contractions or not
  • Which adjective words you want to use (if any)
  • If you want to use the “I” and “You” cards (meaning students will draw themselves and each other) and/ or the “They” cards
  • If you want to include “an” or not.

If you like, you can put the “a” and “an” together as two-sided cards, or if that will be too difficult for your students you could leave out all the cards that start with vowel sounds so that you don’t need an “an” card. Cut up one set of the right cards per class or one set per group of two to four students.

Students take cards and put them together to make a sentence about two of the objects, e.g. “He’s under a balloon”. They can then draw that thing on a large picture, e.g. on the board or on a large piece of blank people. For “He” they should draw a boy, a man or an obviously male animal (e.g. a lion with a mane), for “She” they should draw someone or thing that is obvious female, and for “It” they could draw a robot or any other thing with no gender. If you are using “I”, that means they should try a self-portrait in that place, and for “You” they can choose anyone else in the class or their group.


If students drawing takes too long and/ or leads to disorder, the teacher can draw all the sentences made by the students.  

Extension 1

When the whole picture is finished, get students to say and/ or write sentences describing it, using the cards to help if they need to.  

Extension 2

Students write and/ or say their own sentences (without the help of the cards) and draw those things. When you stop the drawing, you can ask them to describe and/ or write about the finished picture.

Pronoun and verb cards 

He is She is It is
He is She is It is
He’s She’s It’s
He’s She’s It’s


Article cards

a an
a an


Object cards

balloon bat
bird cat
cow dog
dragon drum
egg elephant
fish ghost
guitar horse
house lion
pencil robot
ruler student
teacher girl
boy kite
crocodile rabbit
snake tree
volcano octopus

Prepositions cards

next to

Optional extra cards 

Optional adjectives

big small thin fat
tall short sad happy
old young pretty ugly
red blue green orange
yellow white pink purple

Optional extra prepositions 

in front of

 Optional extra pronouns and verbs

I am You are They are
I’m You’re They’re


PDF for easy saving and printing: prepositions-pronouns-drawing-game

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