Food and drink vocabulary games/ worksheets

Updated 10 July 2016

Other index pages related to food and drink

Food activities for young learners page

Food and drink cultural training worksheets

Food and drink photocopiable classroom activities

Linking food and drink to other language points

Food and drink comparatives discuss and agree – NEW

Explaining food vocabulary defining relative clauses practice (some specific to Japanese and other Asian food, but easily adaptable)

Deciding on a buffet lunch countable and uncountable nouns roleplay meeting

Food and drink Present Perfect saying yes bluffing games

Kitchen shopping countable and uncountable roleplay discussion

Like and would like roleplay dialogue on food

Explaining Japanese things comparing and contrasting practice (mainly food and drink)

Meetings on the topic of food and drink and business entertaining

British food speculating game

Food vocabulary word formation challenge game

Positive and negative words about food and dining

Countable and uncountable foods presentation and speaking

Food and drink mimes Present Continuous

Food vocabulary comparatives and superlatives

Making food IELTS process task practice

Food trends and speaking

Other food and drink EFL photocopiables

Cooking and eating verbs mimes

Food vocabulary brainstorming game

Describing Xmas foods bluff game

Food and health discussion questions

Entertaining a foreign guest (including explaining Japanese food)

IELTS Speaking on food

IELTS Speaking Part Two presentations on food

FCE Speaking Part One on food

FCE Speaking Part Two on food

FCE Speaking Part Four on food

Explaining Japanese food and drink – good as preparation to entertain foreign guests

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