Prepositions of position games, worksheets, stories and songs

Updated 1 July 2017

Articles with prepositions of position teaching ideas and games

Realia and flashcard activities for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

TPR activities for prepositions of position – LINK  FIXED

Video tasks for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

Craft activities for prepositions of position – LINK FIXED

How to teach prepositions of position to kids – LINK FIXED

Where’s Spot in EFL classes – LINK UPDATED

Team preposition (idea for TPR game that is also good for students learning each others’ names, on ESL

Prepositions related to movement and position (game ideas from Onestopenglish)

Photocopiable prepositions of position classroom activities

Prepositions of position classroom flashcard games (useable with any flashcards) – NEW

Prepositions of position miming games

Prepositions of position dice game

Prepositions of position stacking game

Balance on your body prepositions

Classroom treasure hunt prepositions

Body part positions Normal or Strange

Prepositions of position making sentences TPR game

Body parts prepositions brainstorming

Our topsy turvy school project

Ghosts prepositions of position and classroom language game

Classroom and prepositions Normal and strange

Prepositions of position Find What’s Wrong

Prepositions and directions treasure hunt

Prepositions of position UNO (printable card game on simple prepositions with fun but slightly difficult to explain game, most suitable for kids who already know UNO but useable with low level adults)

The same game on (don’t ask me who ripped off who!)

Worksheets combining prepositions of position with other language points

How many are there? games (with prepositions of position)

Want to plus prepositions of position personalised drawing and speaking game

Have/ Have got with prepositions of position guessing game

There is/ There are plus prepositions make me say yes game

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing dice game

Can/ Can’t and prepositions of position dice game

Combining transport with prepositions

Prepositions of position songs

Prepositions TPR song (this Youtube video isn’t clear enough to use, but could use the song and actions or variations on it)

Prepositions of position picture books

Where’s Spot (video of someone reading the book out and article of my ideas on how to use it)

Our Sweet Home by Mikiko Nakamoto

Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox

Prepositions of position online games

Clean and Green (recycling game from British Council Learn English Kids, ask them where each thing is to practice prepositions)

Anteater prepositions of time and position game (online game on the English File 1 website, but actually much more suitable for young learners- successful attempt to make a boring gapfill fun with graphics and sounds)


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