Where is…? I don’t know game

Prepositions of position and countries

Live Wire 1 Unit 2 

Ask your partner personal questions with “you” or “your” that you think they don’t know the answer to like “How many CDs does your father have?” You get one point each time they say “I don’t know (but maybe…)”, “I don’t remember (exactly)” etc, but you don’t get a point if they can answer the question or can’t answer it for other reasons such as “I don’t have any brothers”.

I can’t remember = 1 point

I don’t know = 1 point

I can’t explain = 1 point

I give up = 1 point

I don’t have… = 0 points

It’s/ They are… = 0 points

Suggested questions

  • How many
  • What colour
  • How do you spell
  • How old
  • What time
  • When
  • Where
  • How

Do the same with general knowledge questions/ trivia questions about famous people, places, events, etc.

Do the same with just “Where…?” questions like those on the next page.

Do the same with more general knowledge “Where…?” questions like those in the bottom section.


Where’s your

Where are your


baby teeth/ milk teeth/ old teeth

baby toys

baseball bat

best friend

black T-shirt

brother/ sister

classroom’s clock



family’s bath cleaner

family’s butter

family’s extra washing up liquid

family’s microwave

father’s computer

father’s office

grandfather/ grandmother

grandparents’ stereo


library card

mother/ father

mother’s alarm clock

mother’s umbrella

old birthday cards

old computer games/ video games

old school books

old sticker book(s)

oldest comic

pencil cases

playing cards


school teacher

school’s ABC poster

swimming costume/ swimming cap/ goggles

tennis racket

the CD player in the next room

the Taj Mahal

uncle/ aunt


Where is Barcelona

Cape Town




Sydney Opera House




PDF for easy saving and printing: where is I don’t know game Live Wire 1 Unit 2