Language of concession

Choose one of the statements below that you think it is impossible to contradict, and say it to your partner. They must try and make a true sentence with a concession expression like those above.

There are a large number of people in the world

Pets are good company for lonely people

Immature people do not make good parents

Governments need to maximise economic growth

Mediation can help a couple who are in conflict

Immigration causes difficulties for the welfare state of the receiving country

Most governments try to minimalise poverty

The law in every country needs to be modified

Being around negative people is depressing

Most sexual attraction is not mutual

You can’t be objective about your own children

The norms of societies vary from culture to culture

Wealth for all people is not obtainable

It is not possible for everyone to work in professional occupations

The odds in a casino are always against you

Voluntary carbon offsetting cuts into the profits of companies which are green whilst leaving the selfish companies free to do what they like

There is an overlap between the powers of the World Bank and the IMF

There is little scope for governments to put up taxes in a recession

Useful languageBut, (and) yet

However, nevertheless, nonetheless

Although, even though

Despite, in spite of, notwithstanding

You could also argue/ It could also be argued that…

Another point of view is that…

Looking at it another way…

On the other hand, a substantial minority of people think that…

However, it is no contradiction to say that…

Notwithstanding…, we shouldn’t forget that…

Continue with your own incontrovertible sentences.


PDF for easy saving and printing:Academic English Language of concession

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