Daily routines games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Photocopiable daily routines classroom activities

Telling the time flashcard memory games (with morning routines, evening routines, places around town, school subjects and weather vocabulary)

Do You Brush Your Body in the Evening? – questions about daily routines mix and match

Mr Men daily routines activities

Present Simple chain stories

Present Simple reading, speaking and drawing game

Times discuss and agree (mostly routines)

Telling the time guessing game

Daily routines narrative tenses game

Your weekend time management discussion

Daily routines songs

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (link to song on YouTube and my article on using this song in class)

Daily routines stories and picture books

George Shrinks by William Joyce (in imperative rather than Present Simple, but that’s a good way to initially presenting the vocab, in this case wake up, make your bed, brush your teeth, take a bath, clean your room, eat breakfast, wash the dishes, do your homework, take out the garbage, play with your brother, water the plants, feed the fish/ feed your pets, and check the mail) – LINK FIXED

Johnny Slowly, Jeremy Normal and Jimmy Quickly times story

The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

Baby’s Day by Karen Katz (babyish enough to usually just be considered cute instead of patronising by kids, but need to rephrase it to add more Present Simple)

Chicken Bedtime is Really Early (the text is probably too difficult, but it has a nice rhythm and the pictures have times with o’clock, take a bath, comb hair, go to sleep, go home, eat dinner, put on your pyjamas, read a bedtime story, drink water, wake up, get up, play, and do exercise) – LINK FIXED

Just Another Ordinary Day by Rod Clement (written in Past Simple, but makes sense as Present Simple and has lots of daily routines vocabulary, with an amusing twist because of the pictures) – LINK FIXED

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