Presentation skills games, worksheets and e-book for EFL learners

Over 50 photocopiables for both business and academic presentations, plus an e-book with many more. Some worksheets are mentioned in more than one section below because they cover more than one topic. If you like anything here and would like more, please support TEFLtastic.

Presentation skills e-book

Teaching Presentation Skills: Interactive Classroom Activities (over 300 pages of photocopiable materials on every stage of preparing, practising and giving feedback on business and academic presentations)

Presentations skills articles

How to introduce yourself in presentations – NEW

How to make a personal connection in presentations

How to deal with difficult questions in a presentation

Index pages in this section

Starting and ending presentations page

Other photocopiable presentation skills classroom activities

Photocopiable preparing presentations classroom activities

Planning presentations tips

The stages of planning a presentation

Preparing for a presentation negotiating for points game

Other tips on presenting classroom activities

Add hedging language to the tips on presentations (useful advice and useful language together)

Presentations tips and useful phrases

Presentations vocabulary Giving advice and brainstorming useful phrases

Things you should and shouldn’t do presentations roleplays

Presentations- Advice on cultural differences– with lots of different sentence stems for giving advice

Photocopiable body language, gestures and voice for presentations classroom activities

Good and bad stress and intonation in typical presentation phrases

Shifting stress in presentations phrases

Presentations voice and body roleplays

Gestures for presentations and related useful phrases

Body language and gestures for presentations (simpler version of the one above)

Typical errors and tricky language points for presentations classroom activities

Requests and offers in business presentations

Presentations prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing game

A, an and the in starting and ending presentations phrases simplest responses game

Please + infinitive for offers and commands in presentations (also presenting the more suitable requests forms when they are necessary)

Presentations correct the errors Version 2

Correcting typical presentations language error and phrases

Presentations The same or different

Presentations prepositions pairwork game

Presentations phrases determiners pairwork

Presentations formality correction and brainstorming

Photocopiable formal and informal presentations classroom activities

Dealing with questions in presentations politeness competition game

Ending presentations politeness competition game

Starting presentations politeness competition game

Presentations formality correction and brainstorming

Informal and formal presentations

Starting and ending formal and informal presentations

Formality in starting presentations card game

Formality in ending presentations card game

Photocopiable presentations roleplays

Presentations roleplays and useful phrases

Things you should and shouldn’t do presentations roleplays (simpler version of the worksheet above)

Presentations voice and body roleplays (more focused version of the worksheets above)

Q&A session roleplays

Other photocopiable presentations classroom activities

Longer presentations phrases card games

Presentations feedback sheet

Presentations about presentations

IELTS Speaking Part Two and actual presentations

Match the presentations functional language game

Related pages

Extended speaking tasks

Updated 24 March 2023

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