Reality TV show roleplays (personality vocabulary)

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 7

Interview each other for a place on the Shipwrecked! island 

Do the same, but with the person being interviewed having one of the roleplay cards below. Can you find the reason why they might not be a person you want to live with?


You moan a lot



You are always very chatty and lively



You are a loner



You are a womaniser



You are overbearing



You are henpecked



You like pushing people around



You are often irritable



You are moody



You are very neat and fussy



You are messy



You are hyperactive



You are a couch potato



You are sulky when you don’t get your own way


Which of the people described above would you least like to share a house with?  

Which ones wouldn’t you mind too much?

What other things would make someone impossible to live with?


PDF version for easy printing: Reality TV show roleplays

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