Modules 1 to 4 vocab review Present Continuous mimes

Choose one of things and mime it without speaking until your partner says exactly that sentence

1. You are walking like a pensioner

2. You are texting

3. You are patting a dog

4. You are looking at something weird

5. You are chatting with someone

6. You are putting on a tracksuit

7. You are taking off a tracksuit

8. You are bullying someone

9. You are beating someone up

10. You are looking at a ride in a fairground

11. You are feeling upset

12. You are feeling furious

13. You are walking around inside a cathedral

14. You are aboard a ship

15. You are pouring water into a glass

16. You are peeling a banana

17. You are feeling stunned

18. You are using a wheelchair

19. You are performing (= doing) an operation

20. You are packing your suitcase

21. You are unpacking your suitcase

22. You are standing on the edge of a cliff

23. You are wearing an oxygen mask

24. You are playing a sport that you are terrible at

25. You are swimming/ scuba diving in a coral reef

26. You are walking through polluted air

27. You are working as a sales assistant

28. You are hanging around in a shopping mall (= with no money to spend and nothing to do)

29. You are struggling to open a jar of jam

30. You are struggling with some mental arithmetic

31. You are feeling over-enthusiastic about something

32. You are feeling impatient

33. You are checking a patient’s condition

34. You are putting your shopping into a carrier bag (= a plastic bag)

35. You are feeling terrified of a thunderstorm

36. You are peeling a potato

37. You are attending a gig

38. You are feeling embarrassed

39. You are flirting

40. You are greeting (= saying hello to) an acquaintance

41. You are greeting a relative

42. You are patting someone on the shoulder

Are there any cultural differences in how any of the things above can be done?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Module1to4PresentContinuousMimes

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